Crosscade™ Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs

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12"W vertical panel with pedestrian crosswalk signage

Two Sizes: 12"W x 36" & 12"W x 24"H

Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs
  • Expert application of signs
  • Crosswalk signs are yellow/green diamond grade, red and white are high intensity prismatic
Two Panel Sizes & Two Base Sizes
  • 36"H and 24" plastic panels
  • 28 lb. and 43 lb. recycled rubber bases
12" Wide Panels
  • Impact resistant polyethylene
  • Recycled rubber base
Press Fit Base
  • Push panel down into base using foot ledge for tight fit
Flashing light mounting receptacle
  • Ledge holds light upright
  • Use D cell or 6 Volt barricade lights
Molded in handles
  • Handles in both panel and base
  • Ergonomic, easy to use with gloved hands
Recessed sheeting panel
  • Keep sheeting on panels from scratching
Stacking lugs
  • On panels and bases
  • No sliding when stacked
Meets MUTCD Standards For Pedestrian Barricades
Made in the U.S.A.