SimpoSign® II Sign

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Model 1225

SimpoSign® II is a medium sized, versatile, Quick-Change™ frame.

Holds two signs 22"W x 28"H.

Holds a sign rider.

Change signs in seconds
  • Patented Quick-Change feature.
  • Signs easily slide in and out.
  • No tape, hook and loop, or screws needed.
SimpoSign II signs are all plastic
  • Use signs indoors and out.
  • No rust, splinters, discoloration.
  • No maintenance.
Use corrugated plastic sign or other rigid sign material
  • Sign size: 22"W x 28"H.
  • Up to 3/16" thick.
Stay Tabs™
  • Hold signs securely in place.
Grabber Hinges
  • Holds a sign rider.
  • Keep frame from opening too far.
Molded-in handle
Textured Feet
  • Help secure frame on ground.
Made in the U.S.A.
  • Additional Information

    Stacking lugs keep stacked SimpoSign II frames from shifting during transport.

    Comes with a stabilizing brace that prevents accidental spreading or closing of the sign faces. See instructions for storage and use. Can also be used for sand bagging.

    See instructions for how to insert signs.

    Fill with dry sand. Each sign frame has two fill holes, one on each half of the frame. 3 lbs. of sand per hole for a total of 6 lbs. per stand is recommended. Play sand is suggested for ease of filling.

    Stay Tabs keep the sign securely in place!

  • Specifications

    Outside Dimensions: 24.375”W x 37.25”H x 2”D.

    Weight: 10 lbs.

    Part Number: 1225W, 1225BK.

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