Gemstone Vertical Panel

Gemstone Vertical Panel

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Model 4100

Gemstone vertical panels are perfect for narrow spaces. They hold vinyl signs that are applied directly to the surface.

Holds two 8"W x 36"H signs

Space saving design
  • Holds two signs 8"W x 36"H
Gemstone all plastic sign panel
  • No rust, splinters, discoloration
  • No maintenance
Oversized molded-in handle
  • Comfort grip
  • Pick up with base attached
Two sizes recycled rubber base
  • 9 or 20 lbs.
  • Slide down over sign panel
  • Sold separately
Recessed sign surface
  • Reduces damage to signs
Gemstones are stackable
  • Stack with or without base
Made in the U.S.A.