Traffic Safety

Designed to maximize safety and efficiency for construction personnel

Traffic Safety

Water Filled Barricade System

• 68”L x 36”H channelizing device, fillable with water or sand

    - connected length is 60"

• Durable construction, impact resistant

• Conforms to any roadway design, can turn 90°

   - tongue and groove assembly

   - linked units secured with connector pin

   - quick assembly and breakdown

• Lightweight, 50 lbs. when empty

   - no heavy machinery needed for installation

• Stackable for transport and storage

   - 820 LFT/truck (164 units)

• Forklift access, recessed areas at bottom of barricade

   - can be moved while filled with water

• Fill  with up to 72 gallons of water

   - every unit is leak tested

• Light pocket for standard barricade light, use 5” light bolt

• Accepts optional fence panels

   - 55”W fencing with 8’H - 3” diameter posts (covers 60“)

• Area for applying retroreflective striped sheeting

• Standard in orange and white

   - custom colors available  

•MASH Accepted WZ-387, Meets MUTCD Standards

Part Number: WFB series

Available Colors

Water Filled Barricade System
Water Filled Barricade System
Fits Various Types of Fencing

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