Traffic Safety

Designed to maximize safety and efficiency for construction personnel

Traffic Safety

Intrepid Rubber Base Sign Stand

Use with Roll-Up Signs, sold separately.

• Holds roll-up signs 36” & 48”
    - universal compact sign clamp, zinc plated steel,
      grabs and tightens on roll-up rib
• Designed for quick, easy sign relocation  
    - clamp portion of post can be separated with sign attached
    - two carry handles
• Low profile and compact
    - no extended legs spreading into traffic
• Heavy base stays in place
   - no need for additional ballast
• Post folds flat and locks for easy transport, storage, & stacking
   - foot release lever to initiate fold down 
   - multiple stacking lugs on rubber base
• MASH Accepted for 48" roll-up signs, WZ-342
• Meets MUTCD Standards

SSRB800 Rubber Base, Steel Base Plate, Aluminum Post 13" from Ground, Top of 48" sign - 81" max. 19"W x 31"D x 7"H 44 lbs. Universal Roll-up Sign Clamp Included
Intrepid Rubber Base Sign Stand
Intrepid Rubber Base Sign Stand, no sign
Intrepid Rubber Base Sign Stand Details

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