Traffic Safety

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Traffic Safety

Sign Stands with Rubber Bases & Power Post

  • Three sizes, 30 lbs., 60 lbs., and 90 lbs.
       - durable, thick, recycled rubber
       - stack 30 lb. and 60 lb. for 90 lb. base
  • Won’t chip, crack, or crumble 
       - resistant to weather, oil, salt, moisture, UV light, and temperature
  • Molded-in Hand-grips make bases easy to pick up
  • Optional wheels make moving signs even easier
        - polyurethane lined wheels are durable, quiet, and rust free
        - no rust, zinc plated hardware 

The Power Post Advantage

  •  Reinforced plastic square post is stronger and more stable than round
        - 15% greater wind resistance than round posts
        - 10 times more surface area contact between sign and post 
        - no sign twisting on post, no post rotating in base 
        - impact resistant post has reinforcing center crossbars
  • Made in the U.S.A..

Sign Sizing Guide

  • 30 lb. base: use with signs 12”W x 18”H or smaller
  • 60 lb. base: use with signs 24” x 24” or smaller
  • 90 lb. base: use with signs larger than 24” x 24”

Part Number: 800-RB series

Sign Stands with Rubber Bases are not part of our State Reference Guide

Rubber Base Sign Stands
Rubber Base Sign Stands
Wheels for Rubber Base Sign Stands

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